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is a project of artificial international auxiliary language of worldlang type.

The main idea is – to use coincidental similarity between words of different languages of the world with the same meaning but without common etymological origin. Such similarity may be in two consonants in the same order, which is the most frequent case. Cases may differ. Words with such a property is included to the lexicon. Words having more users are preferred. In majority, the words are found in the most spoken languages, but the number of source languages is not limited, some words are found in languages having less speakers.

English - Seytil Basic Dictionary

The Seytil language may be written using latin transliteration, but such a language also must have its own alphabet, at least formally.
So, here is the « Silineal » – artificial alphabet of a posteriori type collected from alphabets of the world.

Social networks

A group at Reddit

A group at Facebook, "False cognates, true friends" is dedicated to the linguistic coincidences useful for Seytil, and a conlang based on this also may be discussed.

If you know Esperanto, Interlingua or similar eurocentric artificial languages, visit the group posta_Mundi. The messages there are only in that languages. Ones a month a phrase is translated to several artificial languages. Seytil is often among them.

A theme #Seytil is among themes of "auxlangs/helplingvoj" at Discordapp.

Important theoretical sources about false cognates:

... and some more or less strange stuff which may be referred to the matter:
Other worldlangs:

Pandunia, Lingwa de Planeta (Lidepla, LdP), Sambahsa-mundialect (which is not a worldlang, but is close to it), Tceqli (Ceqli), Noxilo, Globasa ...

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