Phrases – frazer

Polite – kortes

Hello salú / chao
Thank you obrigado
Please pliz / baytó / porfavor / molim
Good morning yoy morgen
Good day / afternoon yoy haru
Good evening yoy sera
Good night yoy tun / yoy usiku
Goodbye adyos / bay
Excuse me / Sorry maf
Do you mind if we join you? importa mi djoyn nimen?
May I sit here? momkene me sita akí?
Sorry for being late me leytla, maf
What's up? nan habar?
How do you do? anta komo stan?
Meet my friend Peter. conose min megobari Peter
What can I do for you? nan me saká gara li te?

Danger – hatar

Help! ayuta!
I need help me nid ayuta
Danger! hatar!
Fire! (damaging occurrence) bran!
Doctor! dokta!
A man became ill human bolvíla marid
Call an ambulance kala ambulans
Police! shurta!
Run! lari!
It may be a bomb kanan da bomba
Get down! kush!
Caution! High voltage! vanun! visok chonap!
Toxic hazard yodú hatar
A man is drowning! húman etrinke!
Where does it hurt? onde valí?

Eating – makan

I want to drink me hosí piya
Do you want to eat? anta hosí ma makan?
Where we will eat? onde mi sa makan?
Let us cook at home hay mi pakay in gar
What we have for eating? nan mi habe líe makan?
It is delicious it ukúsan
Who will go to the store? kim sa pay ke duken?
Do you like biscuits? anta sukí ma bískit?
not spicy nay lat
Would you like tea or coffee anta hosí cha ataw kahwa ma?

Weather – veter

The weather is clear today veter sereno dénes
There was frost on the ground halonla na arde
Rain is expected tomorrow baran prognozan minten
The sun is shining matahari lumina
there are no clouds nesuno wan
Five degrees below zero pach digrí bawah sun
Twenty degrees above zero du ten digrí asímade sun

Emotions – emosi

I love you me mahaba te
I hate this heat and dust me kirih ini harara i polvo
Are you glad? anta farih ma?
Don't cry be plor
I laughed about it for three hours. me gelakla bare go doran sam gantá
This traffic jam makes me angry ini trapik krod miná
Such behavior is offensive chenin bartaw ofens

Cognitive – sapi anda

I know that I know nothing me sapi ki me sapi meyshemá
It is easy to remember it fasil pamitáre
Do you understand? anta anda ma?
You can't even imagine anta daje nay saká kalpaná
It is difficult to decide it mushkil resháre
You must select something anta mast selige nánika
Don't hesitate be taraduda
These are advanced mathematical problems ini simpo-no matemátika problemar
I can't believe mi nay saká biliv
I forgot mi foret-la

Work - trabaho

The working day at the office starts at eight and a half trabaho haru in kantor badá ósam i pol
Are you satisfied with your job? anta satisfén ma de senin trabaho?
I've found a job me truvela trabaho
When do you get off the work? kahan anta redan nay trabaho?
Let's do a good job hay mi yoy trabaho
I don't want to work me nay hosí trabaho
I'm on vacation me vakantsa

Count - tale

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ek du sam ne pach sita septe ósam dokuz ten
from the year twenty eleven den sana du mil dek ek
two plus two is equal to four du na du igwal ne
a hundred minus thirty six is equal to sixty four hándrid mínus sam dek sita igwal sita dek ne
five times five is equal to twenty five pach kakeru pach igwal du ten pach
six divided by two equals three sita han du igwal sam

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